Oct 22 2013
UFC Gym Franchise Review

The UFC GYM Company franchise is one of the fastest growing sport brands in the world.  The Fitness, Wellness and Health industry is a booming business, giving the franchise owner a chance to turn their passion for fitness, wellness and health into an extension of the universally known Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the all time industry leader in the sport of mixed martial arts.

The UFC GYM Company


The company’s approach to fitness and their signature workouts are beneficial to men, women and children of all ages.  The franchise owners will take advantage of the continued rise in today’s fitness and health conscience consumers.  Franchise owners can earn an excellent income based on recurring monthly membership fees and additional profit centers.  UFC GYM recently merged with LA BOXING, making UFC GYM the largest franchise network of boxing, kick-boxing and basic mixed martial arts gyms in the country, with over 100 UFC GYMS open in 25 states.   The franchise provides a true “TURN KEY” system and provides excellent training and franchise support, due to its excellent business model.

The UFC GYM Franchise Goals

The goal of the company is very simple:  “To provide men, women and children of all ages the very best training and workouts in a safe, clean and fun atmosphere.”  UFC GYM 1The company provides an excellent business model and business plan that will help greatly in the start up and operation of the franchise.  The UFC GYMs are normally located in upscale shopping centers and grocery store plazas.  These gym appeal to members of all ages, with over 50% of members being women The training provided focuses on results-oriented and calorie-burning programs.  The goal is to provide an energetic environment to help members reach their fitness goals and become more self-confident with their new physical skills.

Is The UFC GYM Franchise For You?


The UFC GYM franchises are backed with excellent training and  support services:

-Help recruit and train staff personnel

-Help in site location, negotiate the lease, design the UFC GYM, and build the GYM with their own crews

-Provide management training

Costs of Franchise Ownership:

-Liquid Capital Required:  $100,000

-Total Investment:  $200,000-$225,000

A Good Alternative To The UFC GYM Franchise

While the UFC GYM Franchise is an excellent franchise in the booming fitness industry, there is a large upfront investment cost.  Once the UFC GYM is up and running, a large amount of time and effort will be required to keep the franchise viable and making money.  An excellent alternative to the UFC GYM franchise, is the home business VERTICAL RISING.  With a home business, you are able to work at home, work your own hours, and can make excellent money.  VERTICAL RISING provides excellent training and has a much lower initial investment costs to get your home business up and running and making money.

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