Nov 13 2013
REMAX Real Estate Franchise Review: REALize Your Dreams

This REMAX Real Estate Franchise Review demonstrates why the REMAX name is #1 in real estate worldwide. It is easily the most recognized because it has the most productive network of agents. With 90,000+ agents in more than 6,300+ offices, REMAX can be found in an astounding 85 countries. It is clear that REMAX must be one of the top real estate recruiters also.

REMAX BalloonFor over 40 years, REMAX has spent billions of dollars worldwide to perfect the brand. The recognizable red, white and blue in both the REMAX logo and on the famous seven story tall, hot air REMAX balloon is one of the most recognizable brands. Imagine how much attention this giant balloon grabs worldwide? There are actually 120 of these balloons making up one of the largest fleets of hot air balloons on the planet.

Founded in Denver, Colorado (my home town) in 1973, REMAX prides its self in looking for and recruiting the top performers in the real estate business.

Thinking of REMAX as YOUR Franchise?

There is good news when looking at REMAX’s competition. Because the REMAX offices can be found all over the planet, and the brand is so strong, the competition will continue to play ‘catch-up’ for years to come. This is vital as the world market continues to expand and the traditional values of staying close to home are a thing of the past. Greater numbers of workers are transferring overseas and the same is true for those being transferred to American soil.

So what does REMAX logothis have to do with REMAX real estate franchises? Where jobs are found is where people will need housing, educational opportunities, grocery options and retail outlets. Having a real estate expert on your side as the life change of moving (or having to move) is one less thing you would have to worry about.

Now, the great news. Real estate is a very high stakes market and both buyers and sellers want the top real estate agents to handle their business. The main real estate competition for REMAX is Weichert Realtors Corporation, Prudential Real Estate, and Coldwell Banker. REMAX remains at the top, with higher total sales volumes in both the residential and commercial markets, claiming to outsell anyone.

REMAX University

REMAX offers REMAX University to train and assist their agents. Proudly, REMAX consistently ranks as one of the top in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top Franchise Lists, ranking #1 in 10 of the last 14 years.

The Upper Management:

REMAX is privately held by: Dave and Gail Liniger the original owners. They still lead this impressive network today.

Other services include:

  • REMAX global brand name awareness
  • Excellent Customer Service, focusing on the customer’s needs
  • On demand education at REMAX University
  • Extensive International and local advertising
  • Use of leading-edge technology when closing sales worldwide
  • A global referral network for both agents, franchise offices and offered real estate

Mission Statement:

“REMAX is Main Street, Not Wall Street.”

REMAX does business, worldwide and cares by donating $120 Million for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Susan G. Komen for the Cure and other charities. They also have a consistent ‘Green Commitment’ to protect the environmental well-being of the worldwide community. Agents strive to share the concepts of energy efficiency with a ‘greener’ home to both buyers and sellers.

What will your financial investment be to own a REMAX?

REMAX also offers a unique operating system which allows the parent company, REMAX to provide the branding and leading edge tools to attract and recruit the top performing real estate agents in your local market. Another reason REMAX is so successful is that each REMAX franchise allows the owner to handle their own compensation plans, marketing, advertising and business operations for their own locality.

REMAX is operated as a traditional franchise and offers two levels of franchising to join the company besides as an agent. There is the Master franchise and the Office Franchise. The total cost of the franchises depend on the number of agents, rent or mortgage, utilities, administrative costs, and supplies, all which could vary month to month.REMAX green

Promotions from within can be completely understood because the agent who has attended REMAX University would know the business from the inside out. Whenever a new location is opened, the candidate would already know the real estate business and be aware of what types of markets they are getting themselves into.

Typically, a REMAX franchise will require a franchise fee of $10,000 – $25, 000. The total investment may be in the range of $35,000 – $200,000. In addition, you will pay royalty fees that vary due to your type of franchise and its location.

The REMAX Franchise Process

The process begins as you apply to join REMAX online. After that, the process may be similar to other franchise models. You and any or all of your investment partners may have to submit a similar application. Your application will be evaluated and your commitment and level of serious interest will be examined to ensure you can adequately capitalize and maintain the franchise you desire.

Then, you and your investors may meet at the company headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Your real estate experience, goals and other obligations will come under review. Typically, after this, other unknown requirements are assessed and a territory may be staked out and agreed upon, and then the final agreement. Franchise fees need to be paid and a number of weeks of intensive franchise management training will begin. The actual REMAX process was not identified specifically on their sites.

Is Financing Available for a REMAX Franchise?

The short answer is possibly YES! Because REMAX is a part of the SBA’s Franchise Registry. The SBA site offers a number of financial institutions which can help you get your REMAX franchise business loan.

It is always recommended to inquire about that process and its requirements as soon as you identify that this is something you will need. Timing could help you here. Remember, this is be a loan. You still have to pay it back, with required interest!

Is REMAX For You?

Bless all of you who become successful with REMAX because it keeps entire communities afloat and thriving, especially with what is happening on a global economic scale.

For me, I decided on a different approach. I wanted a business I could start right away, for a small fraction of the considerable start-up fees. I also wanted to be free of the financial responsibilities to any major investors and loans. Internet Marketing works and works worldwide.

This may not be for you. Everyone will find their next real estate office and agent in their own way. You may be one of the next REMAX franchise owners who hires the best agents and keeps your office on the map. Or maybe you have decided on something else? Other income options could be just as monetarily satisfying.

Quote From The Tote: “Planning, organizing for efficiency and effectiveness, asking for what you want, and sharing gratitude all are important if your business relationship is to have a chance of cost-effectively generating new business for you.” ~ By Genie Craff Stallin’ Callin’ Money Making Phone Calls – Working From Home

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