Feb 18 2014
Club Z Tutoring Review

Club Z Tutoring Review is a look at a business opportunity founded in Tampa Florida in 1995. They began offering a unique franchise opportunity in 1998. To date there are over 400 independently owned and operated Club Z tutoring locations throughout the US, including a handful in Canada. Club Z is the world’s largest in-home based tutoring service offering their skills in core subjects and beyond and in all grades.

Club Z Tutoring Review

As an approved service provider for the No Child Left Behind Act we here show that Club Z Tutoring Review has an advantage that many owners use to add to their income. A good or bad tutoring service comes down to how a tutor impacted a specific child. In other words the tutoring service is as good as the services rendered by a specific tutor to a given child. Excellent tutor screening and training is available from Club Z Tutoring Review. Each franchise owner is responsible to make sure the training is done properly and … done well. A franchise owner’s business depends on the excellence of their tutors.Club Z Tutoring Review

In addition to high training standards Club Z Tutoring review has a proprietary match system to match a student with the right tutor. Based on several aspects the two are matched in areas such as complimentary personality traits, on academic skills and learning preferences. They even guarantee that the right tutor is matched with the right student every time, the Z Guarantee.

YES! Club Z Tutoring Review supplies quality tutors. This is another area where corporate provides a very valuable service for their franchise owners. They process applications from proposed tutors, screen them and make sure they have the needed skill base to meet their standards. Most of this is completed online by prospective tutors making it very easy for them to apply.

Club Z Tutoring ReviewClub Z Tutoring Review is the largest in-home tutoring service in the world for several reasons. A major reason is that their method of tutoring has been well researched and is a proven system that works. Evidence of the value of this system is seen by the majority of students who improve their grade level by two letter grades within 60 days. Those preparing for standardized tests have also shown higher scores with Club Z Tutoring Review.

One-on-one in home tutoring has great demand. Parents love it because of their busy schedules. Kids learn well in the comfort and security of their homes. Tutors do well in a moderate to high dense population area where their travel time in minimized. However, in addition to this approach small group classes can be arranged. Classes can be done on school property, in libraries or any of a number of other facilities. Use small groups where and when this method works best for students and parents.

Operation – Club Z Tutoring Review

Corporate operates a call center to help their franchise owners with callers who Club Z Tutoring Reviewwant information. The call center not only answers the caller’s questions but can also arrange a meeting with the local franchise owner. This meeting can include a student evaluation and a personally designed tutoring action plan. Basically this is a one-on-one in-home tutoring service offering help in many areas.

Tutoring can include standardized test preparation for the PSAT, SAT, the ACT and many other standard tests. Tutoring is also available in the areas of music, computers, and languages. In addition tutoring is available for the core academic subjects and for preschool through adults. kindergarten students to get them ready for their big day.

Club Z tutoring is set-up to run from home. The franchise owner’s primary responsibility is community relations, the recruitment of customers and the development of a strong and deep tutor roster to cover a wide assortment of subjects. Although corporate provides a great deal of help in these areas a local marketing effort is necessary to develop the needs of each location.

Club Z Tutoring ReviewThe normal operation of Club Z is to hold a meeting with the parents of a prospective student. This FREE meeting will discuss the Club Z tutoring service needed by the client. At this meeting a thorough assessment of the child’s skills is completed to determine their needs and goals and to draft a tutoring plan of action. That accomplished a payment plan can be presented to the parents. This can be done along with a no-obligation offer to get started with a free lesson.

Tutoring is done using the child’s classroom curriculum so there is no added work to the student. At the end of each lesson, tutor and parent(s) discuss the progress of their child and confirm the next appointment.

Club Z Tutoring Review shows Student Tutoring Cost

Club Z Tutoring cost per hour is set by the franchise owner but the normal range is around $50 to $85 per hour. Prices will vary depending on location, subject matter, grade level and length of service provided. An owner may charge more for test preparation than they will for a pre-school program. This is a subject for detailed research when considering opening a new area.

Club Z Tutoring Review shows 3 Revenue Streams

In this Club Z Tutoring review we want to point out there are 3 areas to generate revenue. The potential return on investment is significantly improved at Club Z Tutoring. Why? When combining the unique design of Club Z Tutoring with the low cost of operating from home the returns on investment increase dramatically. The cost of operating a facility like the Goddard School system can quickly become very expensive.

The 3 revenue streams areas are as follows:

1. You’ve seen the area we have mainly discussed here as one-on-one tutoring of students from pre-school through adult. Within this area Club Z tutoring is accomplished with one student and one tutor. However, the program can also be successful with a group of 2 or 3 students. Many daycare facilities, schools or a number of other organizations are open to offer tutoring services.

Club Z Tutoring Review2. Test preparation has become very big. Club Z Tutoring is prepared to tutor for just about every standardized test available. This can be a significant percentage of a franchisee’s total revenue. Club Z Tutoring has proprietary materials for these tests and tutoring can be offered in person or online.

3. Online tutoring has also grown in demand. When coupled with a personal tutor the results are much better for the student as is seen in several studies. Plus, a Club Z Tutoring franchise has little competition in this area.

Online tutoring can be arranged for standardized tests, as mentioned above. Online tutoring opens significant areas worthy of exploration. Also many students who need help with their homework want to access help online 24/7/365. Club Z Tutoring can accommodate this demand. Plus, the student also has access to the same live tutor for personalized sessions.

Club Z Tutoring Review Franchise Cost

To set-up a franchise the cost ranges from $28,000 to $57,000. Franchises are granted in population densities of 50,000 to 200,000.

The Franchise fee is from $19,500 to $44,500.

Royalty fees is the greater of 6% or a minimum fee depending on gross billings.

National Advertising Fee: This is a 2% expense, again based on monthly billings.

Tutor Expenses: Typical pay to Certified Tutors is $18 to $21 per hour.

Franchise Renewal at Club Z Tutoring Review is 7 years with a renewal fee of less than $1000. Many competitors have a 10 year renewal.

Advantages as show here at the Club Z Tutoring Review: 

This Club Z Tutoring Review has no problem pointing out the advantages of this opportunity for they are many. Here are some of the most important advantages.

-        Free tutoring is available under the Leaving No Child Behind Act where some owners do as much as 20% of revenue.

-       Since no physical location is required a franchise owner’s initial and on-going expenses are lower at Club Z Tutoring.

-        Approved SES provider, Supplemental Educational Services.Club Z Tutoring Review

–       In over 40 states.

-       Club Z Tutoring franchisees can also tutor small groups of students.

-       Services are offered in the student’s home for easier parent scheduling.

-        An online tutoring program is available with Club Z Tutoring.

-        Owner’s have a built-in referral service for potential tutors.

-        Club Z offers an on-line training program for tutor certification.

-        There is a call center where Club Z answers questions of prospective clients and arranges appointments for owners.


-        To find a suitable location may be difficult since over 400 locations are in place.

-        The breadth of the tutoring operation may be too large for some.


In this Club Z Tutoring review we are very positive about the design of their opportunity. All looks good when looking at their their method, the systems in place to help their franchisees and the multiple income resources. If the tutoring business is of interest we believe this company should be on the top of your list of potential partners.

Club Z Tutoring ReviewAn owner/manager does not need to include tutoring in their personal work load. An owner’s responsibility is to keep the pipeline full and balanced between clients and tutors. The match system will match the right student with the proper tutor who can make you look like a hero.

The franchise owner primary focus is two fold. One, they must be good in building strong public relations with schools, daycare facilities and other community organizations. And Two, to maximize income an owner must activate the three revenue sources as much as possible.

Local advertising is a major key via blogging, social media, public speaking and all other available resources.

The online capabilities can be very beneficial. This area continues to be in demand on an increasing basis year after year. Be sure to investigate this area thoroughly both with Club Z Tutoring corporate and with existing franchisees. This tutoring service can be done with several students at once and could be provided at non-profit organizations such as churches, libraries and schools. Some franchise owner’s successfully partner with daycare facilities to expand their business. Why not develop a one-on-one tutoring business along with the tutoring of small groups?  Many large corporations are open to provide tutoring to the children of their employees.These is a great ways to expand market penetration.

Interview a number of Club Z Tutoring owners to see how they keep their business balanced. Compose a detailed list of questions for current franchise owners. In your list include questions on how they go about contracting their SES capabilities. This can amount to some serious income and is worth the time to explore thoroughly.

When interviewing a number of Club Z Tutoring franchisees you will discover that each will give you a different perspective and provide some excellent tips. Here you may find many and varied valuable operational methods. Pick their brains about how each owner operates their business and how they do things. With carefully crafted questions, and follow-up questions for details, you can end up with meaningful materials for a highly successful business.

In addition to being a good business model this is an excellent way to positively impact our youth.

Club Z Tutoring Review

Disclaimer:  Since detail are subject to change please view the above as a guideline to what Club Z Tutoring is about. Please contact Club Z for current information.

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