Apr 21 2014
Bass Pro Franchise Review & Opportunities

bass-pro-franchiseBass Pro Shops, Inc. is a chain of outdoors / sporting goods stores that offers unique opportunities to the outdoor enthusiast. Unlike other business opportunities, this type of business allows individuals to make a living out of a hobby. While this operation requires management skills, it involves interest and experience in the outdoors as well. Bass Pro Shops in the past has been deemed as the “Disneylands of sporting goods stores.” Inside each shop, consumers will find interactive elements, which help engage anyone who enters the store. Some Bass Pro Shops feature 21,000-gallon freshwater aquariums full of various fish, such as salmon, bass, pike, and trout. Others have archery ranges with moving targets, climbing walls, fly fishing museums, exhibits, bowling lanes, billiard tables, large fly shops, restaurants, Starbucks, smaller scale aquariums, and boat / marine centers. That in mind, it’s clear to see why these stores have been coined the “Disneylands of sporting goods stores.”

John Morris & Bass Pro Shop

John Morris founded Bass Pro Shops, Inc. in 1981 in Springfield, Missouri. He felt frustrated that fishing tackle gear was so hard to come by. He began touring the country in search of the latest, cutting edge gear on the market. Then, he opened shop in his dad’s liquor store in eight feet of space. From there, the business flourished. Today, the company operates roughly 60 stores across the United States and Canada. This large corporation markets anything you might need for outdoor events. These needs include boats, firearms, equipment, and apparel. If it’s a sport or related to is, Bass Pro Shops, Inc. will carry it. In addition to the physical location, Bass Pro Shops, Inc. connects with customers online, on television or radio through various programs, and with catalogs. The company also owns Tracker Marine, American Rod & Gun, and a large-scale resort in the Ozark Mountains.

Bass Pro Shops Franchise Competition


Currently, Bass Pro Shops competes with Cabela’s, Academy Sports, L.L. Bean, and MarineMax. Each competitor offers a unique take on the sporting goods world. Cabela’s has received much of the same recognition for its spacious stores and variety of interactive elements. Each of these types of shops carries brands and items for every type of outdoor activity. To become involved with Bass Pro Shops, Inc., one needs to go to the Hoovers dot com website under Bass Pro Shops, Inc.

In addition, individuals can contact the company via the home webpage.  Because the company is private, it’s difficult to find out too much information about this entity. However, as of December 2008, the company did host more than 16,000 employees. It has grown steadily since it opened in the early 1980’s. Also, based on the appearance of the company website, it seems to be up-to-date with the latest technology in the Web World. Currently, this company is not offering any type of franchise opportunities. However, they do offer a wholesale division, American Rod & Gun.

Franchise costs start at $15,000, not including the property and the retail store. This opportunity allows for independent retailers to carry Bass Pro Shops products and receive special pricing, EDI ordering, and the right to limited use of the Bass Pro Shops name and logo. Furthermore, the company offers special affiliate programs to help generate sales for a person’s business, and other programs to help connect an outside business with this corporation. Check in from time-to-time, as franchise opportunities may come available. If your heart is set on a fishing franchise of sorts, consider an Outdoor Connection franchise opportunity. Click on their link below in order to find out more information. Also, Got One is another fishing franchise opportunity to visit.

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